Convening Cloud Leadership

Office of the Cloud is an invite-only group of leaders from tech organizations convening to share ideas and learn from each other’s successes and failures with enterprise-level cloud technology. We believe that a cohort of the right smart, successful people can impact the whole industry, amplifying smart new ideas, and help disrupt status quo thinking that limits our current utilization of cloud technology in the Enterprise space. We also believe the new areas of work opened up by cloud innovations create an opportunity for new people to participate in tech, and we’re committed to supporting women in becoming a larger part of the Cloud ecosystem and economy.

Why Office of the Cloud Matters to Me

JJ DiGeronimo

President, Tech Savvy Women

Next generation IT solutions such as cloud, software-defined data centers, and converged networks require new processes, procedures, and infrastructure. The people that deliver on these new offerings will need to leverage skill sets beyond technology to engage, collaborate and launch these new offerings. Women, if they leap in, can provide significant value within these new solutions with their existing experiences and natural skills.

Dao Jensen

CEO, Kaizen Technology Partners

With so many new cloud solutions and companies being created every day, it is giving women an opportunity to become significant players as EVERYONE is still learning these new technologies. With this even playing field, women can become much more significant players in the cloud economy than trying to play catchup in the old school on premise tech world. OOTC wants to help ALL navigate through sharing real world experience with men and women alike as well as help foster and educate more women to take a greater role in this growing economy.

Adriana Gascoigne

Founder and CEO, Girls in Tech

Cloud offerings have changed the way we work, collaborate, and communicate. But the most exciting thing is the opportunities the cloud has carved out for women entering into high tech careers. There’s never before been such a consistent demand for tech-savvy professionals, from development and operations to marketing and sales engineers.


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    First security-focused meetup a success!

    IMG_3477.jpgOne of the ideas people suggested at the first couple of Office of the Cloud meetings was to host some events with a more specialized focus so that we could get more deeply into followup.  We held our first one a couple of weeks ago, focused on application-layer security, and it was a big success!  

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    Profile in Cloud Leadership: Caroline Wong

    Caroline Wong is Vice President of Security Strategy at, a published author on security metrics, and an active Office of the Cloud member. She's leading Office of the Cloud's next event: a cloud security happy hour on March 23, 2017 (click here to RSVP).  

    CarolineWong.jpgCaroline, what initially attracted you to working in cloud tech?

    I’ve worked in the information security industry for more than a decade now, and during the last several years I’ve focused on application security. As technology evolves and businesses innovate, I think it’s extremely important to question traditional ways of thinking when it comes to securing applications that are hosted in the cloud.

    I see more and more organizations choosing to leverage the cloud for managing their technology infrastructure, and this is resulting in a major shift in the entire information security sector. The application layer remains a primary point of control for both developing new software as well as introducing new vulnerabilities, and as an industry we have got to be creative and effective in developing modern solutions for securing applications and data.

    What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?

    In 2011, I published a textbook with McGraw-Hill on Security Metrics. In 2012, my book was #6 on the RSA best seller list, and in 2013, my book was #1 on the list.


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