First security-focused meetup a success!

IMG_3477.jpgOne of the ideas people suggested at the first couple of Office of the Cloud meetings was to host some events with a more specialized focus so that we could get more deeply into followup.  We held our first one a couple of weeks ago, focused on application-layer security, and it was a big success!  

The event, hosted at the Storm Ventures office, featured a talk by Caroline Wong from, that prompted a lively and informative discussion. We appreciate all of the cloud technology professionals who shared their time and wisdom to make the discussion so productive and interesting.  For those of you who missed this one, Caroline has a blog post up on Medium summarizing her talk, so you can get a taste of the content at the center of the evening.  And don't worry - we'll be doing more events like this in the future.  Stay tuned!  


p.s. Have ideas for future meeting topics?  Let us know in the comments!


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  • Toshi Sagnata
    Great talk, which covers most IT bases.
    I don’t really have any suggestion. I think we should focus more on “personnel security”, as I’ve seen in most companies it’s the most vulnerable chain link. Your cloud might be technically secure, but if your employees fall prey to a spear phishing campaign, and if such employees have access to login data that they can actually share, then you’re in trouble. Training should be an essential part of this journey.

    Toshi (Genève)