Profile in Cloud Leadership: Madhura Maskasky

Madhura Maskaskyeditor's note: This Q & A is the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series highlighting successful women in cloud technology leadership. We're especially excited to feature Madhura Maskasky in the same week that she is honored by CloudNow as one of the "Top Women in the Cloud.  There are still a few tickets left to Wednesday's awards event if you want to join the festivities. Congrats to Madhura and all of this year's honorees! 

Madhura Maskasky is Co-Founder and VP Product at Platform9 Systems, and has been named one of CloudNow's Top Women in the Cloud.

Madhura, what initially attracted you to working in cloud tech?

Working at VMware and observing the transformation happening in the way infrastructure is consumed - from on-premise servers with virtualization to public and/or private cloud.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?

Spending 7+ years learning from distinguished engineers at VMware, architecting software that reached and benefited hundreds of thousands of VMware users. Then starting my own company with few of the best engineers I've ever worked with. 

What tech do you think has been most transformative in your career?

Virtualization, containers and the as-a-service movement. 

What future innovation are you most excited about?

Raising the bar with better abstractions for developers and devops teams. It started with virtualization, then infrastructure-as-a-service via private/public cloud, then microservices and now the most exciting future innovations will be in the functions-as-a-service/serverless space.  

What can our industry do better to recruit and retain women in tech leadership roles?

The tech industry does a fantastic job of attracting diverse talent by being open and inclusive. This is one of the best professions for women to demonstrate their creativity and rise via leadership roles. 

What advice do you want to share for women in earlier stages of their cloud tech careers or how to get involved.?

Focus on what interests you and if that is cloud tech, then know that some of the most transformative innovations of today and future are happening in the cloud tech area, so you're set for a very satisfying tech career. Best way to get involved is by starting to write code, contributing to open source projects in this space that interest you, participating in related events, meetups, talks, etc.

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