Profile in Cloud Leadership: Syamla Bandla

Syamla Bandla is the Vice President of Global Cloud Operations & DevOps at Qualys. Earlier this month, she was honored as one of CloudNow's 2016 Top Women in the Cloud.

Syamla.jpgSyamla, what initially attracted you to working in cloud tech?

Working at Fidelity Investments, Dell, RMS and now at Qualys being responsible for mission critical platforms at large scale and my fascination towards Cloud based platforms being able to service large customer base attracted me to work in the cloud tech. The global reach and scale of Cloud Platform, the opportunity to work on challenging and complex problems that Cloud solutions bring in, and the sprit of collaboration Cloud tech brings in at various levels, whether within the organization, cross functional teams, vendors or industry always attracted me to stay in this space.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?

At Dell, RMS and Qualys I was blessed to be part of the journey of building and transforming the Cloud Operations organization to be a true business enabler. Building and growing a high performing team from ground up at Dell, RMS and Qualys to enable their SaaS business felt truly rewarding. Taking new products to market while building new teams in parallel and transforming them to be innovation driving organization is something I will always cherish to be a proud accomplishment. 

What future innovation are you most excited about?

I am excited about driving the strategy of end to end automation across multiple public clouds for the SaaS platforms using immutable infrastructure concepts. Driving security across micro-services and containers based platform stacks excites me too.

What can our industry do better to recruit and retain women in tech leadership roles?

I think the Cloud tech industry is a great platform for women to advance and this industry can continue to do a lot more for women. I think more and more Cloud industry events sponsoring women leaders to be the speakers and having them to be on the interview panel will help women in the leadership roles get more visibility and also help promote more women to be in such roles.

What advice do you want to share for women in earlier stages of their cloud tech careers on how to get involved and find success?

Participate more in Cloud specific events, grow your network, and look for sponsors who would support and encourage you. Do more Cloud technology courses, which are relevant to you, this will help you to be more up to date in this changing industry. Always be on the look out for being part of challenging problems, this is what will set you apart from others.

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