Reflections on the Launch and the Future

IMG_5267.jpgWhat sticks out in my mind after our launch was “ YES! There is a reason we put this organization together!” The sense of purpose we felt and the need that we believed is out there was validated by people’s conversations, emotions and thankfulness for the conversations and connections we facilitated that night.

For Jocelyn, CEO of Cloudnow, to say “she was now a believer in the OOTC” that “we could really help her organization and the members in it” was one of the best compliments we could be given.  There is a community of people coming together who believe in a future for women in cloud tech and are willing to work to make it happen, and Office of the Cloud can play an important role in that community.

We don’t want to replace any organizations out there but we want to help put people and groups together to create even greater set of possibilities through a synergy that can only arise from the heart and soul. I deviated from part of my speech when I talked about the amount of credible, intellectual people in the room and while I looked at the audience I was compelled to state how much “heart was out there as well by looking at people’s faces as we shared the vision”.  In case you missed it (or want to hear it again), you can read the text of the speech, or you can listen to the audio recording at the link below: 

I just hope that we can continue the momentum that began at the launch and spur more ideas and momentum to be able to share great stories and successes from our involvement with individuals as well as organizations that want our help. Looking forward to hearing from the network on ways they want to get involved and areas where we can help in the upcoming months and years.

I’m proud to be with you from the beginning of Office of the Cloud. Thanks for being part of this community. 


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