Why We're Launching Office of the Cloud

IMG_5479.jpgCloud computing has rapidly become part of the new normal in Silicon Valley. Office of the Cloud is a community forming to do some intentional thinking about the future of the cloud: the current successes, the as-yet-unrealized potential for innovation, the intended and unintended consequences of this shift in tech infrastructure, and the best path forward for companies to adopt by sharing real world experiences with each other.

We envision Office of the Cloud as a supportive, generative space for leaders from tech organizations to share ideas and learn from each other’s successes and failures their Enterprises have encountered in their pursuits with cloud technology whether public or private cloud. We believe that a cohort of the right smart, successful people can impact the whole industry, amplifying smart new ideas, and help disrupt status quo thinking that limits our current utilization of cloud technology in the Enterprise space.

We also view this rapid technological change as an opportunity for historically under-represented tech professionals to have a voice and a seat at the table. As part of a conversation about the technology of the future, we view this as a chance to think openly about who will lead and work on that innovation. Companies that are invested in gender equity in tech should be members of OOTC to make sure strong, female leaders are a key part of the next chapter in cloud technology. We believe the future of the cloud and gender diversity can and should be part of the same goal, and this community is committed to doing the work to make that real.

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